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With every purchase of DTC you are automatically enrolled, for FREE, in Social Network Marketing University (SNMU). You will be guided through a full course of learning how to leverage Social Media and Network Marketing for FREE.

Social Network Marking University
Personal development classes
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Using hashtags to get more followers
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Tips for online advertising
Learn how to plan your business website
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Take your blog to the next level with guest blogging tips
Learn best practices for managing contacts
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#DitchTheCan's DTC Movement is your opportunity to earn cash FAST through an all-new Social Networking movement. Start making money TODAY - and every day - doing what you already love: Drinking energy drinks and networking with your friends. It's a Movement, the DTC Movement. It's a Game Changer. It's your opportunity for a better lifestyle NOW!

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Get 45 sticks of KAOS Gold Energy and we'll throw in a FREE Intro Pack*. That's eight more sticks of mind-blowing energy to share or drink yourself!

This pack qualifies you for a DTC website, business portal and ALL bonuses – you get the most savings AND the greatest earning potential. For those ready to go big time!

(Save the most: $1.99 per serving PLUS 8 free sticks!)

* First time orders only - future orders and orders placed by current members will not include Bonus Packs or Free Gifts


Start living life on your terms with DTC! The Marketer pack is loaded with 30 sticks of KAOS Gold Energy plus a BONUS* Teaser Pack giving you three extra sticks of KAOS Gold to share the love. Includes a DTC marketing website and business portal, and earning of up to 20% of orders from your DTC site plus bonuses you can't earn with the lower packs.

* First time orders only - future orders and orders placed by current members will not include Bonus Packs or Free Gifts


Get a taste of what DTC can do for your life! The Intro Pack contains eight sticks of KAOS Gold Energy – enough to get you through a week. Includes a DTC marketing website, business portal, and get paid 10% of orders from your site. For those who want a sneak peak at what #TheMovement is all about.


You'll get a DTC marketing website and business portal, and get paid 10% of orders from your DTC site. If you're serious about living life on your own terms, check out the Marketer Pack or the Entrepreneur Pack.

Teaser Pack
Intro Pack
Marketer Pack
Entrepreneur Pack
Price $9.95 $19.95 $64.95 $89.95
Price per stick $3.31 $2.49 $1.96 $1.69
DTC marketing website X X X X
Access to Social Network Marketing University X X X X
Cashback on every order X X X X
Full up-front bonuses X X
Residual bonuses X X
Lifestyle bonuses X
Access to all ranks/badges X
Free stuff NO NO Free Teaser Pack
3 Free Sticks
Free Intro Pack
8 Free Sticks
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